Bob's Blog: October 2005

Sunday, October 09, 2005

SWU Crew

SWU Crew
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Helping out

This past week I was able to travel down to Alabama to help some of those who were hit by hurricane Katrina. It was awesome! I heard that SWU was taking a group of people down there to help out. We left SWU around 6:00pm Friday evening. We arrived here (flash earth link) early Saturday morning around 2:00am. That link is pointed to the Bayou La Batre Wesleyan church. We were put to work every day after we finished breakfast at 7:00am every morning. We cleaned trash in peoples yards, took down water damaged walls in people's houses, took down trees, mowed yards, delivered meals, dug holes, built shelves, made food boxes, and distributed food, cleaning supplies, linens, diapers, pet food, handicap items, and water to many of the Hurricane "victims". It was amazing to be able to lift the spirits of people by offering them help.

Tuesday and Thursday were distribution days for the church. This past Tuesday the SWU group was able to distribute food to just over 500 families. WOW! The families can continue to come there every week to get more food and supplies if they need them. Please pray that the church will recieve enough donations each week so it will be able to provide for these people in need.

I also have put up some interesting pictures of the community and I will put more up as I recieve them. I ask that you will remember the people in Bayou La Batre in your prayers, and pray that they will have hope in this devastating situation.