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Friday, August 05, 2005

More Pictures

I was just outside taking some new pictures and I came across a funnel spider (I think) who had just captured a moth. I tried to get some good pictures but the moth was moving so much the pictures were a little blurry. I also came across a writing spider and got a really good picture of it. There are always frogs out in our pond (more like a puddle), so I took a few more pictures of frogs. Its really hard to get a close shot of them because they jump in the water if you get to close.

I didn't stay outside too long because it is soo hot and there are a ton of mosquitos. When I uploaded the pictures to the computer I decided that I would resize the pictures before I put them on Flickr to save bandwidth. I came across a page where you can download all sorts of Microsoft tools and the like. You can check it out here. I found out after downloading the picture resizer that it only works with windows XP and I am running 2000. Oh, Well... Maby you can try it out if you have XP. I also came across another image resizer called Visualizer Photo Resize which can be downloaded here. This program worked pretty well for me! You can check out my new pictures if you want to. Just click on the Flickr box to the right.


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