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Friday, August 19, 2005

Job Possibility!

Today I recieved a phone call from Express Personnel. The lady on the phone asked me a few questions about my previous jobs. Then she let me know that there were no jobs available at this time and that she would continue looking for me. As we were talking I found out that she knew a good friend of mine. We talked for a while after that. I don't know if that helped me out any, but I sure hope it did. I will stay in touch with this company.

In other news... Tiff is comming up this weekend with some friends! I am really excited! I don't really have any plans for the weekend though. Well find something to do. I just like spending time with her.

One other thing... If any of you have checked out NASA World Wind and found it interesting, then you might want to check out Google Earth. Google Earth is an incredible program that allows you to explore the world with the click of the mouse. It uses satellite and airial photos to let you zoom in to just about anywhere on earth. Google has also implemented the use of Google Maps so that you can find directions and virtually travel from your starting point to destination. It also shows you restaurants and hotels along the way as well. You can download it here.

The picture below was taken last weekend down in Central, South Carolina.


Blogger Jay C said...

Dont get a job too soon, we gotta' lot of fishin' to do!

10:49 AM  

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