Bob's Blog: July 2005

Saturday, July 30, 2005

What A Day

We had our church softball tournament today, and what a tournament it was. Our first game was at 9:00 am and we had to forfit because we didn't have enough players to play(we needed at least 9 and we had 8). We begged my brother to come and play for the second game because he was the only extra player that was available to come and play. He said at the beginning of the season that he would only play if we needed him to. Well... we needed him. To make a long story short, in the first inning after only 4 batters my brother (playing catcher) and the first baseman colided chasing a pop up right between home and first. He ended up having a fractured nose and 4 stiches in his nose. Needless to say we won the game but lost the next one and were out of the tournament. I felt so bad talking my brother into comming to the game. It was the first game that he had played in this year, and in the first inning it became his last game. I don't know if he will ever play agian. And thats not all.

Tomorrow, we are going to the beach for a young adult retreat. My brother has to enjoy the week with a broken nose. Please pray for him and that his face doesn't swell up! Sorry I didn't get any pictures. I didn't expect anything spectacular to happen. I will have some pictures when I get back from the beach after Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Big Fish

I went fishing today and it was HOT! well... It wasn't that bad from 7:00 to about 11:30. The weather channel said it was supposed to be around 100 today. I don't know if it ever was that hot, but it sure felt like it. Anyways... I broke a personal record today. I hooked and landed a 5lb 8oz large mouth bass. My old record was 2lbs 15oz. Can I just say that I love fishing! I bought that camera just in time too. I put a few pics of the bass up on All I have to do now is figure out how to get rid of this sunburn.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I bought a camera!

I finally broke down and bought a digital camera. Now I don't have to wait on anyone to email me pictures that they took. I can just take my own. I also made a flickr account to show off some of the pictures that I've taken. You can check them out if ya want to.

In other news... I am still looking for a job. I applied at Truliant Federal Credit Union today. Now I am going to keep looking for other possibilities and hopefully hear from some of the places that I have already applied at. Until then... I am going fishing every chance I get!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm still alive

Its been a while since my last blog post. I think its time I start posting agian. Well... Ive been out of school now for two months and I still don't have a job. I did, however, to some contract work with Patriot Technologies. They haven't contacted me in a while though so I consider my self unemployed at the moment. I am sending my resume to several places though in hopes to start my career soon. I will definatly try to keep my job search progress posted. As for now... I will ask for prayer and direction in the career path.