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Sunday, October 09, 2005

SWU Crew

SWU Crew
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Helping out

This past week I was able to travel down to Alabama to help some of those who were hit by hurricane Katrina. It was awesome! I heard that SWU was taking a group of people down there to help out. We left SWU around 6:00pm Friday evening. We arrived here (flash earth link) early Saturday morning around 2:00am. That link is pointed to the Bayou La Batre Wesleyan church. We were put to work every day after we finished breakfast at 7:00am every morning. We cleaned trash in peoples yards, took down water damaged walls in people's houses, took down trees, mowed yards, delivered meals, dug holes, built shelves, made food boxes, and distributed food, cleaning supplies, linens, diapers, pet food, handicap items, and water to many of the Hurricane "victims". It was amazing to be able to lift the spirits of people by offering them help.

Tuesday and Thursday were distribution days for the church. This past Tuesday the SWU group was able to distribute food to just over 500 families. WOW! The families can continue to come there every week to get more food and supplies if they need them. Please pray that the church will recieve enough donations each week so it will be able to provide for these people in need.

I also have put up some interesting pictures of the community and I will put more up as I recieve them. I ask that you will remember the people in Bayou La Batre in your prayers, and pray that they will have hope in this devastating situation.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

What a Week

Wow... This week has be one that will change the world forever. One hurrican took out a whole city in just a few hours. And now people who used to live in that city are now being forced to live where ever anyone will take them. Whats it like to loose everything? It feels horrible. I lost almost everything to a house fire a few years ago. I felt alone and helpless. My family had to live in a hotel for around 3 months (NOT FUN!!). But I have to say that I lost very little compared to the people who lived in the path of Katrina. They aren't even sure if they will be able to return to the City where they came from. I don't have a clue what that feels like. I can't imagine how they must feel, not having anything now and nothing to go back to. I want to challenge and encourage everyone to take any opportunity to help these people in any way possible. If you are able to help... Please Do It! Not only will those people be happy and thankful, but I believe that God will bless you!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Job Possibility!

Today I recieved a phone call from Express Personnel. The lady on the phone asked me a few questions about my previous jobs. Then she let me know that there were no jobs available at this time and that she would continue looking for me. As we were talking I found out that she knew a good friend of mine. We talked for a while after that. I don't know if that helped me out any, but I sure hope it did. I will stay in touch with this company.

In other news... Tiff is comming up this weekend with some friends! I am really excited! I don't really have any plans for the weekend though. Well find something to do. I just like spending time with her.

One other thing... If any of you have checked out NASA World Wind and found it interesting, then you might want to check out Google Earth. Google Earth is an incredible program that allows you to explore the world with the click of the mouse. It uses satellite and airial photos to let you zoom in to just about anywhere on earth. Google has also implemented the use of Google Maps so that you can find directions and virtually travel from your starting point to destination. It also shows you restaurants and hotels along the way as well. You can download it here.

The picture below was taken last weekend down in Central, South Carolina.

Me and Tiff 8/15/05 Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Still Looking

Thats Right.... I am still looking for a job. I do have many possibilities though. In fact, I sent in my resume to another place today and I hope to have it in another place by the end of the week. Where ever God leads, I will follow.

This weekend was pretty good. I was able to spend almost a full week with Tiff and I got to help her move back in to SWU. Man that place has changed. There are two very nice new buildings. A new dorm (that is still not quite finished) and a new dining hall. Swu has also developed a few new majors, one of which I wish they had offered while I was still there. Oh well...

Im sorry, I didn't put any pictures on Flicker this time, Nor will I untill next month. I have used 99% of my upload bandwidth.

Thats all untill next time!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Good News

Today is a good day. I have good news. My brothers surgery was successful! He is still alive! He is still comming off the drugs though. The doctor said he should be back to normal in about a week or two. I am sure that he would still appreciate your prayers and he is thankful for those of you who have been praying for him.

More good news... I get to see my fiance in a few minutes. I am sooo excited! Tiff and Bry have been traveling down from PA all day. I can't wait to see them!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


I dedicate this post to my brother, Randall, who is a volunteer fireman. Last night was a very exciting and new experience for him. He actually went into a burning house and help put out a fire. Although this fire was just a training fire, it was still very real and hot. An old abandon house was donated to Pilot VFD (Volunteer Fire Department), so they invited several other Fire Departments to come and have a time for training and practice. Around 50 or more firemen and women showed up for the event. They devided up in to teams of 4. The house was then set on fire, and each team had a chance to put the fire out.

The smell of the smoke and seeing the house burning brought back some scary memories of our housefire around 5 years ago. Ill never forget comming home from school and going into the house that was full of smoke. When I realized that it wasn't just the toaster or oven smoking I knew it was serious. I then called 911 and it was up to the fire department to save our house. They were able to put out the fire before it spread and we were able to save some stuff. Anyways, my point being T.Y.F.D Thank You Fire Department! I support my brother all the way! There are pictures of last night on Flickr too!

One more thing... I posted earlier about my brother breaking his nose. Well, tomorrow he has to go in for surgery. They are going to move the bones, which splintered in his nose, back into place. Please pray for him, and that he will recover quickly. He will start his new job as soon as he is able to.

Friday, August 05, 2005

More Pictures

I was just outside taking some new pictures and I came across a funnel spider (I think) who had just captured a moth. I tried to get some good pictures but the moth was moving so much the pictures were a little blurry. I also came across a writing spider and got a really good picture of it. There are always frogs out in our pond (more like a puddle), so I took a few more pictures of frogs. Its really hard to get a close shot of them because they jump in the water if you get to close.

I didn't stay outside too long because it is soo hot and there are a ton of mosquitos. When I uploaded the pictures to the computer I decided that I would resize the pictures before I put them on Flickr to save bandwidth. I came across a page where you can download all sorts of Microsoft tools and the like. You can check it out here. I found out after downloading the picture resizer that it only works with windows XP and I am running 2000. Oh, Well... Maby you can try it out if you have XP. I also came across another image resizer called Visualizer Photo Resize which can be downloaded here. This program worked pretty well for me! You can check out my new pictures if you want to. Just click on the Flickr box to the right.